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Whether you're an experienced hand or just starting out, our course will steer you through all you'll need to ride this modern-day work horse safely and expertly. Overview in brief Sit-in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs, also known as Quad Bikes or Quadbikes) are incredibly versatile machines, making them popular, and vital, tools of the trade for agricultural businesses. But their flexibility means that even the most experienced rider can find themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Without proper training, serious accidents can occur – a fact at the heart of our course and its objectives. The finer details Our expert instructors will help you master the skills needed to ride a sit-in conventional steer ATV safely and with confidence. As the name suggests, you'll gain vital experience tackling all terrains and in all conditions, from testing hill climbs to public roads. The course's key fundamentals will also cover loading and towing, identifying and reporting mechanical faults and understanding health, safety and legal issues. New riders will gain the basic skills required to use ATVs effectively. More experienced operators will be able to maximise their abilities to get the very best out of their vehicle.

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